International Women’s Day 2018

As International Women’s Day rolls around again this March, we asked some of the ladies at SIARC what the international day of celebration means to them…

“Every day is a day for being unabashedly and unapologetically feminist but for me international women’s day always acts as a lightening rod for learning – I love the run up to IWD and the day itself because the voices, stories, experiences and existence of women come to the fore… and that, provides fuel to keeping burning the feminist fire for the year ahead.”



“Everyday women everywhere are struggling and fighting for equal rights, recognition and respect. The fight often seems never ending, but

International Women’s Day not only recognises women everywhere, but celebrates their efforts as well. Its not just about women in Hollywood, or celebrating women getting the vote. It’s about every women and every fight, and a reminder of what and who we are fighting for.”


“Every March 8th I play the song Bread and Roses on repeat all day! I love Rose Schneidrman’s original quote “The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.”

Life is full of tough fights for women but we mustn’t forget we deserve joy as well as equal treatment. With the campaign for repealing the 8th amendment gets tough, lets remember to try and find some joy in our fight too.”



“I find that International Women’s Day is a really positive experience – it’s all about proactively supporting other women and acknowledging our experiences. Most importantly it’s a platform to share our stories and learn about the many initiatives and activities that are happening worldwide to improve the status quo.

For SIARC, it’s another moment for us to invite people to reflect on the lack of choices and rights women face across the Irish Sea.”



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