How you can help repeal the 8th


It’s important that we all get involved in the upcoming referendum in Ireland, even if we can’t actually pledge a vote ourselves. So here’s a quick list of ways you can help, big and small!


– #Hometovote
You may have noticed the huge campaign over social media reminding and inspiring all migrants to make the journey back to Ireland and stand in solidarity in the upcoming referendum.


We’re asking you to go #HometoVote… Every vote counts!
Use the hashtag and check out the website at for more information.


– Get sharing
Share anything on social media that gets your attention about the referendum. People are bombarded by the news but a quick headline while they scroll might catch their eye. If you found it interesting, or learnt anything, chances are others will too, and its great to continue educating and getting everyone involved.


– Get chatting
By opening up the conversation, we can make sure people are aware
of avenues of information regarding the referendum, and also regarding any help for people who are still being affected by the 8th amendment. The more we talk about the issue, the better.


– Find your local pro-choice group
Wherever you may be living, there is likely to be a pro-choice group supporting the movement to repeal the 8th amendment in Ireland. There’s the Abortion RightsCampaign in Ireland, the London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign and the Scottish Irish Abortion Rights Campaign in the UK, among others. Check out Repeal Global for information about local groups where you are.


– Go along to an event
The above groups are hosting more and more events on the run up to the referendum, and they are a great way to meet like minded people, from circles you wouldn’t have normally. They are also a great place to learn more about issues and show our support to the cause, and those in Ireland. You can find some of the events in Scotland on this page.


– Contact your TD or MP
You may have already seen a big push to get TDs in Ireland to take a stance on the referendum. The more we contact them the clearer our message for change will be heard. If you start up a repeal chat, you can suggest to your friends and family or peers to do the same. For more information regarding TDs and their current stance, keep up to date with the Irish times Referendum Tracker, here


– Show your support
All the above points are great ways to show your support and involvement. You can also check out the repeal clothing at or or pop a luggage tag on your luggage when you travel, available at

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