Scottish Irish Abortion Rights Campaign (SIARC)

The Scottish Irish Abortion Rights Campaign (SIARC) exists in response to the dangerous state of reproductive rights in Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic). We believe that all women and pregnant people should be trusted to make their own reproductive choices and have access to compassionate healthcare.

SIARC specifically focuses on how Scotland, and those living in Scotland, can support and enable Irish women and pregnant people to have full bodily autonomy and access to free, safe and legal abortion services.

SIARC is open to any person, of any identity, who wishes to support the campaign to improve reproductive rights in Ireland. While we use the term ‘woman’, SIARC does not seek to exclude any person affected by these issues, who does not identify as a woman. The term ‘woman’ emphasises the cultural, and sexist, context to the current reproductive restrictions on the Island of Ireland.

To learn more about Scottish Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, have a look at our Constitution.